Patricia García Rodriguez
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The #RugbyLibreEXPO is a photographic exhibition that reflects the experiences of the people with whom we have shared the tours of the Rugby Libre project. With the aim of transmitting the stories of overcoming, strength and suffering in a lively way that is close to the citizen, we want to share the emotional impact that is generated on the tours.

With interactive, dynamic and emotional experiences with quality photographic and audiovisual material, our idea is to exhibit in different rooms and prestigious environments in a traveling exhibition throughout the national territory. These works by photographers Aljaz Babnik, Daniel Montero, Marta Benlloch, Sergio Gómez and Ramón Navarro illustrate us with their work from the favelas of Rio de Janeiro to the Sahara desert or the prisons of South America.

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In the associated file you can see the catalog of works.

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