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Gira Rugby Libre España



PGR NGO is an organization created by the Olympic player Patricia García Rodríguez with the focus on enhancing personal capacities, promoting rugby and its values as a means of social education and expression of individual freedom, anywhere in the world. 

Our goals at PGR NGO are:

a) Social education in values through sport, more particularly rugby.

b) Promoting the social inclusion of groups of people, communities, and sectors of the population at risk of social exclusion.

c) Promoting the values of sport, more particularly rugby, as a tool to improve the quality of life of individuals, companies, communities, and society in general.

d) Promoting and communicating positive social transformation through education in values.

e) The development of social and personal skills through education in values.

f) Cooperating internationally towards development through education in values through sport, social transformation, and economic aid.

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New Projects 2022!

Rugby&Values On Wheels

Rugby Libre EXPO

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PGR NGO. How to help?

There are many of you who are asking us how you can help our social and solidarity causes. First of all, thank you for the time and energy to offer your support, in whatever way, for our mission. Here you have all the information:


Become a volunteer 

Fill in the following form. Depending on your profile, skills and the needs of the different projects and events, we will contact you when we have volunteer opportunities.

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Propose a collaboration, a fundraiser or a sponsorship 

Fill in the following contact form and tell us your idea please.

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Make a one-time donation 

Visit our website where you can make the contribution you want.

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Become a member 

We are very grateful to you, any regular contribution gives us a stability that allows the projects to grow in a solid and lasting way over time. You choose the amount, any gesture counts.

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